Thursday, April 7, 2011

Colleyville Public Library Expansion Project -Week 13

Progress continued on the Colleyville Public Library second floor expansion project this week.  The construction areas were crowded with workers of many trades pushing on to the finish line.  On the second floor, most of the work was not as visible, as it was focused above the ceiling.  Fire sprinkler workers adjusted fire sprinkler heads; heating and air conditioning workers continued with duct work; and electricians ran electrical whips for the new light fixtures. Also, masonry work was accomplished, as masons began filling in the area on the exterior balcony where a door was removed in the new story time area.  The main focus of work this week was on the first floor in the new teen and stairwell area.  Steel workers began the challenging task of making hand rails for the new stairwell.   Heating and air conditioning workers continued with duct work, and drywall workers began sheetrock installation.  Additionally, workers continued to run data and phone cabling on both floors. Currently, work on the project is on target and is scheduled for completion the end of April 2011.

View photos of our progress during Week 13.


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