Thursday, March 24, 2011

Colleyville Public Library Introduces Convenient Drive-Thru Check-In

In April, an automated materials handling system will be installed at the drive-thru book return area of the Colleyville Public Library. Installation of the system is scheduled the week of April 4 and will necessitate the closure of the drive-thru return book drop. Construction on the drive-thru book return could take up to 48 hours. Library patrons will be able to return books through any of the library's internal book drops.

The new automated system will afford library patrons faster service through its automated check-in feature. Library materials returned through the system will be checked in immediately, allowing patrons the ability to check out other materials without waiting for a manual check-in process. This technology will eliminate much of the time clearing patrons' records and allows the library staff to devote more time to serving our patrons.

Click on the video below to watch a demonstration of the 3M Intelligent Return and Sorter System:

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