Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Colleyville Public Library Expansion Project - Week 11 & 12

This week the Library was electrified with a flurry of activity on both floors, as work progressed significantly on the Colleyville Public Library second floor expansion project. Workers of many trades were bustling everywhere in construction areas. Sounds of jack hammers harmonized with sounds of sledge hammers tapping on steel, while flashes of light from the arc welding illuminated the protective ceiling plastic within the Library. On the second floor, workers continued to install ceiling grid. By the end of the week, the ceilings were a maze of open grids awaiting the finishing touch of tiles, light fixtures, and heating and air conditioning grills. In the new story time room, demolition workers removed a door that opened to an exterior balcony, and replaced it with a sheetrock wall, which completed the story time theater in the round. Next, the workers began the loud and dusty work of masonry demolition to prepare an opening for a new point of access to the exterior balcony. Also, some heating ventilation and air conditioning duct work continued.

On the first floor in the meeting room, workers continued with demolition work, which included removing carpet, doors, and an unused book return. On Monday, minor heating ventilation and air conditioning duct relocation work was completed, which prepared the area for the installation of the new stairwell. On Tuesday, steel workers began staging the area for the new stairwell. First, three steel support I-beams were brought into the Library and were raised into position. For next several days, the area was glowing, as steel workers arc welded the giant I-beams and other steel structure supports in place. By the end of the week, the area was ready for the installation of the stair landing and pre-constructed stairs. On Friday, components of the new stairwell arrived, which included a steel landing and the stairs in two sections. The steel workers then began the monumental task of moving the steel pieces, totaling over 2,000 pounds in weight, into the Library. By the end of the day, the new stairs were in place, and the area had a whole new look. When the stairs were in place, drywall workers quickly moved in and started framing the walls with metal studs, which again transformed the look of the area. Currently, work on the project is on target and is scheduled for completion the end of April 2011.

View photos of our progress during Week 11 and 12.

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