Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colleyville Public Library Expansion Project - Week 9

This week work on the Colleyville Public Library second floor expansion project brought multiple visual changes on both floors, and hours of loud jackhammer sounds, as concrete floor was chipped into pieces to prepare for the new stairwell installation. At the beginning of the week, workers placed the last section of the support I-beam in the ceiling for the second floor meeting room moveable wall. Drywall workers prepared the area for texturing of the sheetrock walls. Sheets of protective plastic were attached to the window and door frames, which transformed the area into a plastic maze, and enabled the painters to maneuver quickly through the rooms with a spray gun applying texture to the walls. The texturing process was completed in a few hours. By mid-week, workers began installing ceiling grid and started preparing the area for the new stairwell installation. At the end of the week, workers began the concrete floor demolition work, which was an extremely loud and dusty project. Additionally, minor heating ventilation and air conditioning rough in work continued. On the first floor, workers resumed minor demolition work and built a temporary wall around the first floor meeting room, which will be the new teen area. Currently, work on the project is on target and is scheduled for completion the end of April 2011.

View photos of our progress during Week 9.

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